Friday, January 1, 2010


I guess its been FOREVER since I've blogged much going on with me. Bryan and I have decided to divorce. Something I always thought would be an easy decision to make, but it was definitely far from it. I can't say that I will never miss him, but I think that part of our lives are over. I'll never be able to get over the fact that he cheated on me numerous times, I will never be able to trust him again. I've tried so many times and I just can't move past it and trust him. He swears I cheated on him, but that's not the case so for those of you that read this that have heard that story from him, its simply not true. I'm not going into the details because I don't think that our "dirty laundry" has a place to be aired out online. That's been done enough.(but never by me) Logan and I are currently living with my mother in NC. He's adjusting quite well to the change, he's been super clingy to mommy though. Its been three months, wonder when that's going to get a little better! He got to see snow for the first time EVER about a week before Christmas, heck it was MY first time too! 27 years old and I had never seen snow LoL. So, I bundled us up, and we went outside and played in it for HOURS. We had a BLAST! He was throwin snow balls at me and he made a snow angel, he was MAD when it was time for us to come in.This is my lil man catchin snow flakes on his tongue!

Mom was pushin him down the hill in his lil plastic pool. He was loving it! Ever since that night he's been BEGGING for snow and unfortunately for him, there's no more in the forecase any time soon. Poor kid! LoL