Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trying to reassure myself...

So, Logan finally has a check up today. I've been putting it off for a really long time...a REALLY long time. The other day I finally noticed something that MADE me make that appointment. One of his feet roll in, well they both do it, but its not nearly as apparent in one foot as it is in the other. Even when he's standing you can see it. Just before he turned 1, I was concerned with his feet, he was looking more and more pigeon toed every day, but the doctor said that its something they normally outgrow when they start walking. Well, he's STILL kinda pigeon toed, but we're still dealing with the feet rolling in. He falls constantly, and I really think its due to that ankle rolling in. He also walks and runs up on his tip toes and I'm not really sure why. I'm still trying to tell myself that maybe its just my imagination, BUT his father had to wear braces on his feet/ankles when he was a baby so maybe that's where its going to have to go. If that's the case, we'll deal with that. Its not such a big deal. Just bothers me to know that something is wrong obviously and I'm just now catching it! No matter what the pediatrician says I'm demanding that he give us a refferral to the orthopedic doctor because I'm tired of hearing "he'll grow out of it". Well, that may be the case, but in the mean time he's going to see an orthopedic doctor and I'll have his dad's history in tow. I'll update after we see the doctor today and let you know where things are going!

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