Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update on Logan's legs

*sigh* So, Logan's appointment went better than I thought. It was pretty informative. There are several things that they're looking at. He DOES see the fact that his legs/feet are not straight. He walks on his tip toes and his feet/ankles turn and roll in and he noticed all of that. Although like ALL orthos (mom's that have been through this, back me up!) they don't agree with braces and just like I figured he tried to tell me they were a bad idea. However, physical therapy will make that final call. We had to go upstairs to the lab where they drew blood for a test called CPK(not positive on what that means, you'll have to google it) they also took xrays which came back surprisingly normal. His bones are completely straight and developed like they should be, so the feet and ankle issue LOOKS like its going to be quite possibly a tendon/ligament issue. He did mention something bout a possible MILD MILD case of cerebral palsy because he was born so early(its not as scary as it sounds) All I'm waiting on now is a call from PT to get an appointment and decide where we go from there. We also have to follow up with the ortho in 6 mos to see how things are correcting. Will keep you all updated!


  1. Cerebral Palsy..Are they serious? Do you c it?

    glad you all will be doin PT...Hopefully that will help out alot with the tendions! Hug my logibear for me!

  2. well, if this is what it is, its a VERY mild form. My oldest brothers g/f has it and her and I were talking and the similarities are uncanny!!!