Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some updating

Lots going on lately!!! We FINALLY got Logan fitted for his braces(if you're interested, google AFO braces, if nothing comes up let me know) It took over a month to get this stuff figured out. I finally just asked his pt for the number to the place and when I called, the lady told me that the only reason they hadn't called me is because they had his prescription, but they didn't have any contact info for me!!!!!! WTF! I was so pissed. Way to drop the ball there guys! I was worried about the fitting, he HATES people messin with his feet. Things went surprisingly well, we were able to get in and out within a few minutes. Everything about them is custom, he was able to choose the pattern he wanted, the velcro and the padding colors. When I saw a pattern with big trucks, I automatically KNEW he would be in love and that's what he would choose...nope, he passed up the trucks and went straight for spider man! LOL So he will have spider man braces and then spiderman blue velcro and padding. We go back Sept. 10th to pick them up and make sure everything is good with them. Physical therapy is going well....WHEN he cooperates. I feel bad most days, his PT is at her wits end with him....usually 15 minutes out of a 30minute session is spent chasing him and BEGGING him to cooperate. We're making SOME progress with the small amount of time we get with him, but its not as much as we'd like. But we're getting there, I can definitely tell a lot of differences in him, especially up and down the stairs and jumping. Hopefully we can get something figured out soon so that he can continue to improve and we can get this problem fixed with him! His speech is really starting to improve, he's repeating EVERYTHING so we've had to really cut back and really be careful what we say. Other than that, things are "ok" but I'm going to put another update up for that one, because its a totally different scenerio all together.

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