Monday, October 5, 2009

What the HELL!

Well Carra, this is where you and I and your mom's relationship is completely gone...and you and your dad are so close, but now its the opposite for me! My dad and I rarely speak and my mom and I are super close....UGH! I finally decided I HATE his new wife...I'm not just talkin bout, dislikin her a whole bunch, nope, I hate that bitch, I really think that I do! Last Monday, my cousin Michelle came down to FL(she lives in NC) and she said that if I wanted to ride back to NC with her, she'd take me to my mom's, its kind of right on the way to her house anyhow. Then we decided that on Friday night I'd spend the night with Michelle and her fiance Robert in Greensboro. So I called my dad and let him know that I'd be in Greensboro on Friday evening and he sounded excited and wanted to see us(since that's where he lives too) so I got excited since I hadn't seen him in a while and told him I'd call him on Friday. When Michelle and I got about halfway back up to NC I called my dad and told him that we were halfway up and he just sounded so aggravated with me and acted like he didn't really want to talk to me. So I got a lil upset, but I was/am sick and just didn't have the energy to deal with it. So then I called him when we got up and he still was acting like a jerk, but I really wanted to make sure my son got to see his Grandfather so I went ahead and met up with him anyhow. We got to the restraunt at the time we SAID we would be there and of course they're 20 fucking minutes late, because that's the kind of thing she we sat there just waiting. When they got there, my dad gave Logan a hug and I stood up to give him a hug and she's all standing behind me(she being my fathers bitch of a wife btw) with her hands on her hips, MAJOR fucking attitude and dirty looks and is all like "well ain't you gonna give ME a hug" at this point, I'd had a bad day, I'll admit that, me being sick, being on the road all day long, a hungry 2yr old that's been waiting for 20 minutes for these assholes to show up, I did what any NORMAL person would do, I put my hands on my hips, got in her face and mocked her...(don't dish it out if you can't take it, ya know?) so then she looks me in the face and says "Yeah I know, I've gotten almost just as big as YOU are" For the first time in my life I was speechless...yeah I know, you people don't believe that but I was seriously fucking speechless and I think most of it was tryin to hold back tears. I mean FUCK I KNOW I'm a big girl, and I'm OK with that, but who in the FUCK do YOU think you are, talkin some shit like that? I mean, I've been made fun of all my life and I'm finally Ok with who I am, but this bitch who doesn't really know me for shit just walks into my life and thinks that she can say things like that to me, I went and made Logan a plate and came back to the table, and was talking to MY DAD, no one else, but MY DAD and I knew that he was off Wednesday and Thursday of this week so I told him that if he wanted, he could drive down(its about an hour drive) and pick up Logan and he could have him for the night on Wednesday night so he could spend some time with him. He was all for it, until she gave me a NASTY fucking look and said "I DON"T THINK SO" and basically made him say no.I about lost it, this is the man who used to tell people that Logan was his buddy, he LIVED with us when Logan was born and after Logan came home. He was ALWAYS holding Logan and we had to fight him to hold our own son LOL and now here he was letting his wife dictate whether or not he was going to spend time with his grandson. I've cried so many times since then, my feelings are completely hurt. How the fuck can he honestly sit back and say that's how he's gonna live his life? My son LOVES him, and LOVES spending time with him, but now because of his wife, he's not spending shit with him. I'm just so angry and I want to write him off, but I don't how to do that b/c he's my dad and I never thought that of all people HE would do this shit to me(or to any of us kids...)

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  1. Oh girl i am so sorry you are dealin with that with your dad! Id have to say just be honest wtih your dad and email him if you have to, Thats how i had to be honest with my mom, even tho it did nothing maybe JUST MAYBE your dad will see your hurt! I would be honest about how you feel and how hurt you are by her actions and words! Keep me updated let me know how things are and i can totally relate at how hard is it.I really can!