Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An update on all things Logan =)

so, Logan started PT this last Monday. We didn't do a whole bunch, the goal of the first appointment is to assess and see what they feel is needed. I didn't have to do a whole bunch of talking, just kind of helped them get some stuff done with him(his favorite word as of late is NO) so at the end of the appointment we still can't figure out what it is that is causing all of this...which is a lil discouraging because the more we rule out, the closer to cerebral palsy we are. I'm not terribly upset about it, Its not going to be a huge set back and I won't look at him any differently. Its just discouraging that if this it what it is, it took us 2 years to catch it..sooo the PT has suggested that we have him fitted for braces. All I'm waiting for is the place that makes and fits them, to call me with an appointment, its been 2 days and so far nothing, I'm a bit discouraged with that...other than that, we are potty training and doing quite well, for the most part he comes to me and tells me when he has to go and its rare that he has any accidents except for poop...go figure

yeah isn't he cute? This is after one of those nice poo painting sessions where you just wanna scream! I love my life...yes, i really do *sigh*

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  1. Don't be discouraged girl, it will all work out, isn't cerebral palsy one of the things they can get from bein a premie also? Either way lil dude is a smart lil cookie and out of all the set backs he COULD have, hes doin awesome! Kiss my lil man for me!
    YAY on the potty trainin, thats so exciting, hes gettin so big is ridiculous! Tell him to stop growin so i can love on him when is ee him again, lol! Enjoy those doo doo sessions! HAHAH